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JUL 02-03 & JUL 30-31 OF 2017

Day Tour to Bartholomew Island (Sundays)

The pick-up will be at 6:15 O’clock, and take you to Itabaca Canal to board the yacht. The sailing to Bartolome will take about two hours and a half. Bartolome has the most beautiful and photographed landscapes of the archipelago. The trail is made of wood and you have to climb to the top of this extinct volcano; from here you will be amazed at this spectacular landscape that give the island and after reaching the top of these wooden staircase you will feel that was worth it. The main attraction of the island it is the pinnacle rock, it is a big lava formation that over time has eroded. Bartolome has also two beautiful beaches halfmoon-shaped with gold color sand that invite you to have a sunbath or snorkel around the lava formations, you might expect to find the Galapagos penguin and sea turtles swimming in shallow waters.

Day Tour to South Plaza Island (Mondays)

The pick-up will be at 8:00 O’clock in hotels in Puerto Ayora, and take you to The Itabaca Canal to board the yacht. The sailing to South Plaza will take one hour and fifteen minutes approximately. South Plaza is located at the east of Santa Cruz and is the partner of North Plaza, they are two islets separate by a small channel of turquoise water that contrast with the red natural carpet (sesuvium) and cactus. When you arrive to South plaza you will be greeted by a Galapagos sea lions court, during the visit you are going to see a variety of sea birds fishing and flying really close to the cliff that is part of the trail. Also you are going to be available to find two specie of iguana; the land iguana with their yellow-brown color eating cactus and the marine iguana having a sunbath.

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Galapagos Penguins
Pinacle Rock
Galapagos Hawk
Lava Cactus
Gold Sand Beach
Sea Lions
Land Iguanas
Marine Iguanas
Masked or Nazca Boobies
Bifurcated Tailed Gulls


Trail Map

Tour Itinerary

06:00 Pick up at the hotel
07:15 Itabaca Canal / Boarding
07:40 Departure to the island
08:00 Breakfast on board
10:00 Arrival to the island
10:15 Disembark to island and visit on the island
11:30 Snack on board
11:50 Snorkel time on Bartholomew’s Beach or Sullivan Bay
13:50 Return to the yacht
14:00 Lunch on board
14:30 Return to Itabaca Canal
16:45 Return to Puerto Ayora
17:45 Arrival to hotel
08:00 Pick up at the hotel
09:15 Itabaca Canal / Boarding
09:45 Snorkel time on Punta Carrión
11:00 Departure to the island
12:00 Arrival to the island
12:15 Disembark to island and visit on the island
14:15 Return to the yacht
14:30 Lunch on board
14:45 Sail back to Puerto Ayora
16:00 Arrival Puerto Ayora

Inclusions and Exclusions

Snorkel Gear Towel
Naturalist Guide Pick Up - Drop off
(Only for Day Tour to Bartholomew)
Breakfast Lunch
Extra Beverages